What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, which is the process of getting traffic from “free” and organic search results on search engines. It requires the optimization of your websites structure, content, links (to and from your website), in such a way that your website and related profiles are seen as ‘the best’ by search engines.

Today’s most popular search engines such as Google and Bing have primary search results, which include web pages, map locations, videos, and other media. They are displayed and ranked based on what these search engines algorithms decide is the best result. My goal is to be that best result and rank at the top.

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How Can SEO Help My Business?

Higher ranking leads to more visibility, leading to more clicks, and more customers. Long term rankings give you long term reach and clicks, instead of results stopping when an ad campaign ends.

  • Rank your business high and correctly, above the fold and above your competition.
  • Get your social media profiles and media listed on the first page, managing your reputation.
  • Maximize your usability with technical SEO: faster website, more reach, latest technology.
  • Provide reports and analytics documenting measurable, real life, results.

Just How Important are Top Rankings?

93% of your customers don’t bother leaving the first page of search engine results, and over 65% of search engine traffic goes to the top 4. With internet speeds getting faster and new connected devices popping up every month, people want to get their information now, conveniently, and accurately.

Ranking in these highly desired positions doesn’t happen overnight, and takes understanding a variety of disciplines – you should’ve started your SEO campaign last quarter, but it’s never too late.

Four Pillars of Search Engine Optimization

Combined to provide proven, measurable, results.

Local Map

People used to use the Yellow Pages to find local businesses – now they use the internet. You must achieve and maintain dominant map presence.

On-Site SEO

On-Site means your actual website and landing pages. From structure, content, to technical specifications like tags, Schema data, and more.

Off-Site SEO

How your website is linked, and the quality and importance of those links, remains the most crucial way search engines learn how to rank you.


Initial and competitive market assessment, keyword opportunity discovery and monitoring, and hand tailored monthly or weekly reporting.

Local Maps

Your customers are searching in your area for your services and business. You need to achieve and maintain dominant map presence.

Local search has taken over, are you being seen?

Let's Get Local

90% of consumers read reviews before visiting a business, let’s make sure you’re getting them (regularly!) from your best customers.

Google My Business

The most seen profile. Google Maps utilizes this data: I manage, optimize, keep up to date, and monitor analytics.

Citation Accuracy

Old and incorrect information, map placement, hours, and services, are lingering on search engines and directories.


All of your customer-facing profiles need to be 100% complete: From location, hours, services, to including multimedia.

On-Site SEO

Your website and it’s content, speed, structure, and technical details, are incredibly important to how your business ranks. I plan and implement content plans, technical solutions, and more.

Let's Fix Your Site
Website Audit

Audit your existing website and make necessary changes for optimal ranking increases and to convert visitors to customers.

Page Speed

Since 2012 Google and other search engines have publicly announced the huge impact of having a fast website.

Mobile Friendliness

Ensure that visitors from mobile devices have an optimal experience. Your customers and rankings depend on it.

Tags, Headings, ALT

Meta tags still matter! But more importantly the HTML tags within your content, what they contain and where.

Site Structure

The organization of your website: URL-structure, internal linking of service, sub pages, information pages and blog.

Schema and Metadata

How does your website actually look in Search Engine Results? I dive in to the specifics using the latest available standards.

Content is King

Fresh and focussed content that considers tags, keywords, and basic hierarchy, is a must for ranking highly for long term.

Technical SEO

How’s your XML Sitemap doing? I start there and dig deeper, from custom PHP programming to WordPress overhauls.

Off-Site SEO

How and who links to your website has been and maintains being at the top of the list for how Google and other search engines consider how important your business is compared to your competition.

Let's Build
Link Building

Search engines put a lot of weight on inbound links, their quality, frequency, and anchor text/images.

Outreach + Guest Posting

Finding websites and blogs to post relevant content to drives visits, trust, and organic shares.

Social Signals

Though not as important as other off-site SEO efforts, Search Engines care about your social results.

Human Behavior

People share and organically promote products and content that they like. We formulate creative media that will spread like wildfire.

Analytics, Monitoring, Reporting

Initial analysis, market research, and keyword discovery is key to successful SEO growth. I take pride in my results and strive to be transparent from day one in proving I’m an expert in Search Engine Optimization with intensive and customized reporting.

Let's Get Analytical
Competition Analysis

Tired of Googling yourself and seeing your main competitor instead of your business? Let’s find out why, and crush them.

Search Engine Ranking Tracking

I track all everything from day one, so you know exactly how much your rank visibility, traffic, and sales are increasing.

Keyword Research

Discover search phrases your future customers or competition are using to learn about and shop for your services.


Beautiful, customized, relevant, and easy to comprehend. You will completely understand your online presence.

That’s a lot I need to start doing to get you ranking at the top.

It’s never too late to start.

Recent Search Engine Optimization Results

From Local to International + Branded Terms to Service Terms

Danae Herrmann Photography
A Wedding Photographer in Appleton, WI

KeywordRank in Google
Wedding Photography*▲122
Engagement Photography*▲91
Senior Portraits*▲241
Wedding Photographer in Appleton WI▲121
Photography in Appleton WI▲91
Danae Herrmann▲261

*Google considers your physical location, these results are from searches within Appleton, WI.

Kinley Kay Beauty Studio
A Beauty Salon in Neenah, WI

KeywordRank in Google
Microblading Near Me*▲621
Dermaplaning Near Me*▲571
Lash Extensions*▲192
Eyelash Lifting Near Me*▲162
Dermaplaning Neenah, WI▲991, 2, 3, + 6
Microblading Neenah, WI▲991

*Google considers your physical location, these results are of searches within Neenah, WI and outlying cities.

Flower Mill
Boutique Florist in Appleton, WI

The Flower Mill▲972
Flower Mill▲971
Floral Designer Appleton WI▲242 + 4

*Google considers your physical location, these results are from searches within Appleton, WI.

CLA Landscapes
Landscape Architects in Appleton, WI

CLA Landscapes▲161
Hardscape Design Appleton WI▲211

*Google considers your physical location, these results are from searches within Appleton, WI.

Manderfield’s Home Bakery
Three Locations in the Fox Cities, WI

Bakery*▲571 + 2
Bakery Appleton, WI▲242, 3, 4 +5
Bakery Menasha, WI▲991, 2 + 3
Wedding Cakes Appleton WI▲993 + 4
Bakery Near Me*▲991 + 2

How About A Total Takeover?

Primary service search term, searched within the company’s service area.
#1 Google Ranking – Getting 33% of Traffic
#2 Google Ranking – Getting Another 17.6% of Traffic
#3 Google Ranking – I rank videos, too! Video with Thumbnail – Getting Another 11.4% of Traffic
#6 Google Ranking – Getting Another 4.4% of Traffic
Map Result Takeover – Easily Access and View All Business Data, Images, Phone Number, Hours, and yet ANOTHER website link.

How Long Until I Can Expect Results Like These?

Starting fresh? Within the first few weeks you will see major positive change in positions for your targeted keywords and brand name, but depending on competition and other factors, it may take months to start taking over top listings.

Already working on it? Appreciating your efforts, I use existing data to strategize how to better optimize and rank your websites. Typically within weeks I can enhance results.

Long Term Value – You need to maintain top “above the fold” rankings for your important keywords for years to come, these strategies take months to solidify and require regular monitoring and maintenance, which is why I do not offer ‘one time’ SEO services, you need results.

They’re your rankings, and you want them now!

Call N J Manderfield, 8-7-7-Rank Now…

Why Choose Me For SEO

I Am Results Focussed – My first and last thought is “How is this going to bring in money?”, my aim is to provide measurable results, long-term growth, using Search Engine Optimization.

Cutting-Edge Technology – My years of programming and technical experience with websites, ecommerce, and marketing, combined with my endless desire to learn how things work and the ever changing landscape of internet marketing, mean you won’t be left in the dust.

My Relationship with SEO isn’t “complicated” – Almost 10 years in and I haven’t pumped the brakes yet, and either has the importance of dominant search engine presence. All that’s changed is the plethora of “SEO Experts” who have no results to speak of.

What I Do

  • Design a quality and encompassing link-building strategy
  • Avoid Google Penguin Penalty through advanced anchor text strategy
  • Identification and execution of natural/organic link opportunities
  • Guest blogging and additional content outreach
  • Acquiring links from niche and high authoritative directories
  • Produce and propagate exclusive consumer-based content
  • Press Release writing, distribution, and advertising
  • Social media and influencer link outreach
  • Rank and promote videos, images, and interactive media

What I Don’t

  • Build thousands of garbage links on weak websites
  • Participate in any link pyramid or circular schemes
  • Create or embed artificial/unnatural links
  • Buy irrelevant and low quality paid links
  • Create spam links using automated software
  • Link building solely to manipulate ancient Page Rank
  • Too much interlinking with particular keyword as anchor text
  • Acquire links from websites penalized by Google
  • Build link from irrelevant & link farm websites
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