Rebrand, Build, Grow

Brand CarbonTrimSolutions as a high-end, automotive inspired, luxury brand.

Create a highly converting, exciting, and quality media-filled ecommerce website from scratch.

Implement long term highly converting internet marketing strategies on social and search.

A Luxury Brand: From Scratch to 6 Figures

From lowly
to amazing
Annual Revenue
in iPhone 6 cases sold in the first 90 days,
driven by
marketing channels

The Timeline

A Failing Idea

A lowly $3,000 a month average in sales, as a result of:

  • No internet marketing strategy or execution
  • Website with zero ecommerce focus
  • Lack of search engine presence
  • Amateur level photography
  • Zero media coverage

Glass Half Full

Hired on with P&L based incentives and almost no budget.

  • All existing content and media is thrown away immediately
  • CTS is completely rebranded as luxury brand
  • Ecommerce-optimized website from scratch is launched within weeks
  • All product photography and additional media is recreated
  • Multi-channel internet marketing strategy begins to take shape

Taking Flight

After weeks of hard work, rebranding, content and creation from scratch, design and funnel optimizations, the new website launched and sales more than doubled, bringing the average monthly revenue from $5,200 to $9,800.

6 Month Revenues Pre vs Post Hire

iPhone 6 Launch

Pre-orders for iPhone 6 cases begin almost immediately after announcement with pre-made content and advertisements.

  • Over $100,000 in pre-orders within the first 90 days
  • Yahoo! Finance & DuPont Registry drive record traffic and sales
  • Multi-channel internet marketing strategy launch
  • Incredibly successful initial reach, ROI, and revenues

Sustainable Marketing ROI

ROI scaled with increased marketing budget which started and maintained nearly zero overhead. Continued ecommerce optimization drove conversion rate.

  • Average Unique Visitors Increase 380%
  • Social Traffic Contributes to 75% of Sales
  • >8 Channels Driving Traffic & Sales

All The Way Up

Revenues explode to $341,000 in my first 12 months, up from projections of under $40,000.

  • YoY Revenue Gains >540%
  • Search engine rankings increase to the top of page 1
  • Website is further optimized for increased conversion rate
  • Multi-channel internet marketing destroys all goals
  • Increased ad budgets and ROI scale in unison


Pre vs Post Hire Year Holiday Revenues

Brand establishment, marketing presence, multi-channel orchestration, my first holiday season produced insane results.

Stay Winning

Strategy development, ecommerce expertise, media creation, and enhancements to all marketing channels, sustain incredible growth.

  • Massively successful multi-channel marketing
  • New product releases & announcements
  • Unique Ecommerce strategy and development
  • 2nd Year Revenues 38% higher v. 1st Year

Proficiencies Utilized

Branding, Logo, and Appeal

Ecommerce Web Design + Development

Version One – Humble Beginnings

Drawing inspiration from high-end men’s luxury brands like Burberry and Rolex, and high-end luxury sports cars like Lamborghini, the website had to be minimal, responsive, and focussed on highlighting the great features and design elements of the carbon fiber cases. Initially preparing a mostly dark, but modern website, powered by WooCommerce on an optimized DigitalOcean Ubuntu 14.04 LAMP droplet, from the beginning it was search engine optimized, speed optimized, and intricately luxurious.

Budget-Friendly Origin

Limited by the cost of my visions of grandeur, a lot of the initial websites media was heavily photoshopped, and content drastically over-zealous, but at it’s core, the brand was born under slim to no overhead.

Initial Optimization

Each part of the funnel was optimized and written by hand, the home page, product page, cart page, and checkout process, all optimized to their fullest potential, driving up the conversion rate and decreasing abandonment rate.

Version Two – Evolution

A sales increase created a larger budget for a new website. It was thoroughly optimized, with all new media, new content, and a focus on luxury. All metrics increased with the new design, including Conversion Rate which drastically increased over 45%, and Average Order Value which increased by 18%.

After the first year, the brand expanded into new product lines, which meant another minor overhaul had to be done as the initial designs were focussed around one single product, not an entire catalog.

Web Development

Linux, WooCommerce, WordPress

Carbon Trim Solution’s website was it’s only venue for sales, so it was important that the website maintained near 100% uptime, was incredibly fast, incredibly secure, and able to adapt to change on the fly.

I configured the server and increased it’s hardware specifications to handle, at it’s most, 5,000 unique visitors within an hour. To load the pages fastest, I optimized Linux with Apache, APC Cache with priming through W3 TotalCache, utilized a high-powered and world-covering CDN, and optimized JavaScript libraries and loading order at a plug-in level, one by one, to ensure the website loaded insanely fast.

Mobile-Focussed Everything

Mobile visitors accounted for over 80% of all sales, and nearly 92% of all traffic. Advertising to mobile devices cost drastically less than desktop.

Taking this into consideration, I designed and developed the entire website with a mobile focus. Product pages were revamped to keep the add to cart section above the fold on mobile, the cart loaded in under 1 second, the checkout process was simplified and enhanced solely for iPhone users.

The world is quickly becoming mobile-forward, I planned for this from the beginning and the results proved worthy.

Constant tweaks, optimizations, and line by line code audits were done on a regular basis, ensuring speediness that a luxury customer would expect, around the world.

Everything connected, producing massive ROI with low overhead, see the channels below.

Social Media Marketing

Ultimately becoming the most impactful marketing platform, using instagram and Facebook advertisements I brought thousands of paying customers to the website from all over the world, and held onto them with remarketing pixels, newsletter opt-ins, follow-up emails. Daily and weekly revisions to audiences for social ad campaigns meant incredibly low CPC and customer acquisition cost for long term, not just for a weekend promotion.

Using a variety of campaign objectives, I drove sales, increased brand recognition, brought back return customers, and marketed to incredibly specific markets. Not limited to the United States, I also translated ads and successfully marketed the brand to over 11 countries.

Using remarketing, lookalike, and incredibly highly converting custom made audiences using data sources like Acxiom, Datalogix, Quantium, thousands of dollars a month were generated by Facebook ads alone, heavily monitored for cost, results, and reach.

Facebook Desktop News Feed Advertisements

Facebook Pixel Success

Using Facebook Pixel and market research, I was able to build custom audiences around the world, reaching gender, income, hobby, career, and luxury interest specific market segments, impressively generating tens of thousands of dollars solely off of these hand picked customers.

A huge feature of the pixel is tracking individual on-site actions, which I was able to custom tailor campaigns to those who would most likely convert, customers who added to cart but didn’t checkout, and more. The more data I had (more visitors), the higher my campaigns converted. I made selling to what most consider the 1% look easy.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Ranking #1 was the obvious goal, some terms took weeks, some took months, but once achieved, dominant SERP rankings brought in thousands of dollars in revenue at essentially zero cost. These visitors were also thrown into additional marketing funnels that created incredibly converting high ROI sales.

I focussed on the highest converting terms, ranking #1 for nearly every product offered for many consecutive months, this also included image searches, and also took over branded terms and short term trending topics within ‘Google News’.

Email Marketing

A successful newsletter is key to any online business. I built the newsletter subscriber list from scratch, focussing on likely customers, customers who added to cart but didn’t purchase, and using low CPA and broad reaching ads to get any available low hanging fruit. With subject writing, content, and graphic optimizations, the newsletter quickly became the highest ROI generating marketing technique, literally guaranteeing income with each hand-crafted email.

Content Marketing

This massive influx of laser targeted visitors were thrown into my multi-channel marketing matrix, and used to drive newsletter subscriptions, retargeting pixels, custom audience refinement, and followup emails.

When traditional internet marketing isn’t enough, you think about the next level.

1×1 Weave Product Release

I combined Product Photography, WooCommerce customization, MailChimp, Facebook/Instagram Advertising, Retargeting, and Influencer Marketing to successfully launch a new product line.

I created a ‘VIP Only Sale’, forcing customers to sign up or log in to access the pre-order page located in the ‘My Account’ section. Placing customers at the last stage of the funnel and converting highly, successfully launching the product line.

FlexCarbon Announcement & Launch

With over 94% of sales being iPhone cases, diversity was a must. Breaking into the luxury wallet and accessory market isn’t easy.

To start, I created a “Reservation” product page to gather emails and info, and pushed Facebook/Instagram audiences focussed on high income, luxury goods owners, and automotive enthusiasts to it.

Promoting this page through email marketing, organic social, influencers, tracking through remarketing pixels, this customer info was utilized across my multi-channel marketing matrix, ultimately creating a hugely successful launch.

MASSIVE Black Friday

Black Friday is huge. I created marketing materials and campaigns for over 11 countries, with special landing pages driving newsletter subscribers and Facebook Pixel tracks weeks before Black Friday. Once the day came I managed over $10,000 in advertising in 36 hours – all positive ROI campaigns and absolutely incredibly sales figures.

It took a lot to grow a stumbling ecommerce website into a money maker, a lot more than mentioned here.

Let’s get in touch, I love building ecommerce businesses. I’m available for hire to do all of this and more for you.

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