Carbon Trim Solutions

I built Carbon Trim Solutions from scratch to >$250,000 a year in revenues. Single handedly managed and implemented highly converting internet marketing campaigns with Facebook, Instagram, Google, Newsletters, and more.

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Khoalty BMW Accessories

Initially a Yahoo! Storefront (remember those?!), then a osCommerce site, to a full fledged custom Magento layout, and soon a fully responsive redesign, with me at the helm of each adjustment.

Nearly 8 years of work, 3 complete website overhauls (a fourth coming in 2017), ultimately brought a barely sustainable niche ecommerce website into a booming and expanding world-known BMW accessories storefront.

Results page coming soon.

DDM Tuning

My first 'grown up' job ended up being a cross-country move to San Diego in 2011. What started as a 'prove it and you're in' task, I developed an ecommerce website based on existing designs, optimized and marketed it successfully, took over SEO rankings and concluded with a very highly converting automotive niche website visited by thousands of customers a day.

More information coming soon.