“Internet marketing” is the all encompassing term describing advertising using a variety of venues online or digitally, online. Major benefits are it is almost always inexpensive compared to traditional media, allows you to laser-target your audience, and is measurable with a slew of analytic softwares.

As the internet and the technology used to connect to it evolves, so does internet marketing. It’s essential to your businesses’ future to evolve with the tide, not against it. Without an experienced and seasoned digital consultant who you can grow and adapt to the changes for you, your business will fall behind.

Increase your market reach, customer base, sales figures, and enhance the branding and appeal of your business. Intricately target your customers, with measurable results, and stop throwing money away on traditional media.

Facebook Marketing

Social Media Marketing with Facebook

Marketing on Facebook provides a massive opportunity for your company to connect with your customers, increase brand awareness, market your products, offer services, run social competitions or giveaways, engage existing customers, and the list goes on.

All of this is tracked to the minute, provide you with engagement details, geolocation, audience interests, and more. Unlike traditional media, these ads can be created in advance or in a hurry, enabled or disabled scheduled or in a moment’s notice, and increase or decrease budget at free will.

Intricate Targeting

Ever just think of a product or brand, and suddenly it’s on top of your feed, or shown as a sidebar ad? Take advantage of this for your business, be one of those ads.

I can target by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, visiting patterns, friend and page connections, and more.

Organic Reach is Dead

Without extensive content marketing, which can costs thousands of dollars, or a suddenly viral product sweeping the nation, you’re probably not getting the reach you used to, Facebook’s changed.

Here’s the truth about marketing on Facebook in 2018: You need to pay to play.

Facebook Pixel Tracking

I create custom audiences of users who have visited your website or social profiles, taken specific actions on your website (filled out a sign-up form, visited a product page, etc.).

These audiences are used to create highly targeted lists. Laser focus who you’re advertising to.

$25 v $0.39: On average it costs $25 to reach 1,000 people through traditional print media, meanwhile on Facebook the average is $0.39 – and insanely more targeted!

Want measurable results from direct customers through professional Facebook Marketing?

Email Marketing

Still the leading way to reach customers.

Email marketing is one of the highest converting yet lowest cost marketing tactics that I use to grow brands. Your emails need to be sales-driven, sent with purpose, and look incredible on all devices.

Growth Through Technology

You should be earning subscribers from more than cold ‘Subscribe to our Newsletter’ boxes on your website.

Integrate cutting-edge technology like Exit Intent pop-ups, checkout or POS checkbox integration, digital ads focussed on newsletter generation, and more.


What can we do to incentivize a newsletter sign-up or email-based sales funnel? I need to showcase your best products, implement unique and timely sales, and make sure we aren’t boring inboxes.

I study your business, market, competition, and sales goals to create a specific campaign.

Write + Design

Emails can be impressive, exciting, and purpose driven. I write and create content for email that does just that.

Most customers check their email on their phones or tablets, but we need to be considerate of devices of any shape and size.

Consider: 44% of Email Recipients Purchased a Product via Promotional Email

81% of retail professionals say that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention.

You need to be taking advtange of email marketing.

Pay Per Click

Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and More.


Research is a major factors in PPC Campaign success. I’ll analyze your market, keywords, costs, and competition, before we spend your first dollar.

Google Certified

I am certified in: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Search Advertising.

Optimized Landing Pages

Unoptimized landing pages mean you’re throwing money away. I research, implement, and A/B test optimal landing pages to produce the best ROI.

Unique + Tailored Strategies

Every business is unique, I develop a marketing strategy using any available and relevant digital channels, unique to your business, location, and goals. Monitoring with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and through analyzing custom reports, I ensure we find optimal campaigns with the best ROI.

Additional Channels

  • Affiliate Marketing – This involves partnering with other businesses to promote everyone’s product and earn a commission.
  • Inbound Marketing – The use of carefully planned marketing activities online that entices customers to come to you, such as blogging, online games, tutorials, how-to videos, etc.
  • Display Advertising – Using graphic ads, specifically banner ads, to market products online. This looks very similar to a newspaper or magazine ad.
  • Location-Based Marketing – Involves rewarding customers who ‘check in’ at your location. Popular rewards are discounts or promotional merchandise.
  • Referral Marketing – The use of internet channels consumers use to recommend products and services to their friends and families.
  • Video Marketing – The use of online videos to promote a product or service.

Content is KING

Without great content, none of the above is going to work.

On-Site Content

A great blog and other on-site content and media can make you long term money.

Brand relevant and product-based content, if created and marketed properly, incites your customers to share and promote your media, with no expense added, aside from initial creation!

Off-Site Content

Create media for mainstream blogs, sponsor content and provide information and products to reviewers and influencers.

There are plenty of ways to generate influential content, all tailored to deliver your message to new audiences, with profit and reach in mind.

Video + Photo

Video is the hottest way to get your customer’s attention. Scroll through facebook, look at your preferred news website, video is everywhere and truly the future of the digital world.

I create or contract high quality photo and video to spread online like wildfire.

Want a professional to maximize your business’ internet marketing potential?

Of course you do!