To Catch a Plagiarist – Feat. Taner Tozan

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I’ve been creating websites for a long time.  I’ve been using inspiration from other designers, color palettes from friends, from cars, from random sketches and paint splatter on dribbble.

If I can, I give credit.  If I can, I purchase directly from other designers or artists, sometimes I’m expected to create a lot of things in a short amount of time and low budget, like 10-15 newsletters, within a few hours time: I will use resources like CodeCanyon and GraphicRiver (which I highly recommend).  I’m always sure to purchase graphics, designs, patterns, and vectors, only when they are allowed to be used commercially, and modified for such use, or my own personal use.

There are a lot of bad people out there, who don’t do any of those things, I’ve had quite a few run ins with these types of people, and their job titles, LinkedIn profiles, and resumés, truly disgust me.

How I’ve Been Robbed

I’ve had my work stolen from under me, posted with someone else’s name on it.  I’ve had my pictures used for commercial purposes, and the owners of these companies arguing with me telling me that they themselves took the photographs.

I’ve had my own watermark used by other photographers or designers, who then claim they were the ones who stamped the image or photograph.

I have had websites taken down with DMCA Requests, mainly GoDaddy, but BlueHost is also very quick to approve requests.  I’ve contacted the legal teams of Facebook and Instagram (now one in the same!) to have profiles removed, postings deleted, and accounts changed.  All for the sake of protecting my efforts and my morale.

What’s Being Taken From You Now, Nicholas?

My latest ‘home run hit’ – which I put months of time into, from marketing strategy, product development, brand identity, to the text on each and every page.

It’s been looked at by tens of thousands of unique visitors from all over the world, we’ve made revisions to the site on a regular basis since launching the new site early last year.

We’ve gotten it featured in Business Insider, DuPont Registry, PhoneArena, and countless huge social media pages and followings.  I redesigned the site and we worked on a new marketing plan in early 2014, so you’d have to be a fool to copy-paste our business model, product, and marketing strategy in 2015, right?  Wrong.

You can find low-grade replicas of my design work, marketing strategy, and Kiran’s products, on a few different websites – check out (update 12/14/16 website dead), 12/14/16 website dead), and …. The worst offender of all, is…

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