2 Entrepreneurial Podcasts Worth 2 Hours a Week

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People hate Podcasts. They need visuals. They need to see the people in the interview interact, they need to see what their reactions are, they prefer visual aides, even a few graphics or includes through the interview. With every app streaming video, having stories posted every second, graphics, GIFs, videos, live streams, Podcasts are like vinyl: dead.

If you agree with any of that, perfect, because that’s exactly how I’ve felt for years. These two Podcasts got me out of that funk (and ALSO have visual streams and videos to go along), watch a few of the videos first, then dig into the Podcasts. I promise after 2 hours you’ll be invested and looking forward to their daily or weekly content.

Start with these two, start with two hours a week. Skip the radio.

#1 The MFCEO Podcast

I was first introduced to Andy Frisella through Secret Entourage a few years ago, you can read one of the first articles I ever saw about him on his SE success story, though he’s done a lot since then and not everything is covered in that article. I’m not going to spend an hour writing about how great he is, how much he overcame, the level of success he’s achieved, or a bunch of fluff words to prove he’s worth it, watch the clip above, his no nonsense approach and wit is apparent in every single Podcast he’s ever done, especially shows in his interviews.

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times I’ve had conscious thoughts about things I’ve heard on his interviews or soundbites over the last two years, some of his short clips I refer to on a regular basis and have shared with countless people, you absolutely will get something out of the MFCEO Project within the first hour, if you haven’t gotten anything from the clip above, keep going, if after the first hour you haven’t gotten anything, chances are you’re never going to get anything from anywhere.

Getting starting with Episode 1

“I want to motivate people in a real and authentic way. You’re not going to hear a bunch of Care Bear bullshit and rainbows and butterflies and cupcakes, you’re going to hear the reality of business and the reality of motivation and some of you aren’t going to fucking like it.” – Andy Frisella

Through the MFCEO Podcast, Andy often refers to the beginning of the podcast and that he and his co-host didn’t have a single clue what they were doing, so it’s great to start here and then move to most recent, I know you’re not going to listen to 200 episodes of the Podcast, but get this first one in before you subscribe or jump in.

Episode 1 also covers a ton of his story, origins, his personality, and what happened to his face. It’s a great introduction to who he is, what the MFCEO project is about, and how he and his co-host met and became friends.

Get connected to MFCEO

Subscribe to the MFCEO Podcast

First, subscribe to the Podcast, then follow his other social platforms, he posts a lot of motivational stuff, details about his companies, a daily #duespaid post, and other things absolutely worth your time.

#2 Gary Vaynerchuk’s Audio Experience

Not sure who ‘GaryVee’ is based off of name alone? Stop whatever you’re doing and read his wikipedia page from top to bottom. Now set aside the rest of your day to digest and process whatever media you can that he’s put out in the last five years.

Gary is wit personified. He thinks fast, speaks fast, and moves fast. He has consistently pushed out content for years, from DailyVee YouTube clips, to his instagram and snapchat stories, even his tweets, he is the world’s most renown social media influencer, motivator to thousands of entrepreneurs, creatives, and people who want to do more.

But Nick, there’s so much Gary out there, where do I start?

There’s not enough time in the world to play ‘catch up’ with Gary, so dive in and follow him on instagram and check his story, subscribe to his YouTube channel and set aside a few hours to watch and process his Original Film’s playlist, which are compiled mini stories that get straight to the point.

From there, subscribe to his Podcast and dedicate one hour a week to hearing what he has to say. If his production, approach, his amazing responses to his #AskGaryVee Show don’t inspire you, motivate you, or teach you something new, I don’t think anything will and you might as well stick to whatever it is you’ve always done.

Get connected to Gary V

Subscribe to the GaryVee Podcast

Gary is everywhere, every day, every week, for years past and years to come, there’s really no excuse to not follow at least one of his profiles or feeds. Most active on snapchat and instagram, here’s a mostly complete list of where to find him.


How to Find the Time

The average American drives 35 miles per day, that is at least a full hour every other day. Take two days a week and substitute these incredible Podcasts for whatever garbage local radio station you have on in the background.

The average American spends 25 minutes per day watching or ingesting advertisements, skip that nonsense and fill the void with something new, interesting, and worthwhile.

You’ve got the time, you’ve got the sources, get to listening, thank me later!

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