No, I'm not a baker.

I am an Internet Marketing and Development Specialist with over 8 years of experience in using technology to help online businesses increase revenue. I’ve done a lot in my years, from helping local businesses rank higher on Google, to spending weeks creating product catalogs with thousands of SKUs, to building 6 figure revenue niche ecommerce companies.

Watching my family business grow since childhood, I take that dedication and understanding of success to my talents to grow businesses. I know what’s important, how impactful customer experience is, and what it takes to build a legacy.

The majority of the projects I take on are long term, growth focussed, and more of a partnership than a hourly consultant/employee to business relationship. True and long term growth is not something you can set and forget, at least not in today’s ever changing market. But to get started, or to meet new clients, I do offer short term consulting and hourly-based services.

I love what I do and truly can’t imagine doing anything else. My profession grew from being a young computer and digital hobbyist, it’s what I know, it’s what I love, and it’s what I want to do in the future.


Growing up, I was always playing video games, which lead me to the internet. I started on AOL dial up (which I was fortunate to have since my mother was an accountant). I started browsing gaming-related discussion boards to learn more about the games I was playing, and read reviews before renting. I made a few websites back when AOL 7.0, I wish they were still online!

During high school I worked at Best Buy when the iPod was just starting to take over the world, so I learned and applied a ridiculous amount of knowledge there, even taking our small (at the time!) department to #1 in the District and #1 in the entire company in sales utilizing a unique sales flow.

When studying Business and Marketing at UW-Milwaukee, I was offered a full-time position at an emerging Ecommerce company in San Diego, CA. I moved there and took flight, learning the in’s and out’s of what was then a booming industry. I moved back to Appleton, WI and worked remote for the clients I added to my repertoire while there.

Back in Appleton, WI, I work a ton of hours from home, coffee shops, and my office bordering the Fox River in Appleton, WI for mostly local clients, while still developing and enhancing ecommerce properties for clients all over the country.


I’m a total Apple fanboy and buy nearly every device, regardless of how useless it is, and pretend it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

I’m a huge BMW fanboy as well, my first car was a 1992 325i E36 (Alpine White, Sedan, Auto), then I bought a 1999 E39 540i (Jet Black, M Sport, Auto) and modified the pants off of the both of them. My next car was a major change, something new and reliable, a custom ordered 2014 435i (Mineral Gray, M Sport, xDrive), and now I’m driving a 2004 M3 (Alpine White, 6 speed, Convertible)

Traveling a huge passion of mine, I’ve been to a few places, Iceland, Philippines, Thailand (twice!), Vietnam, and soon to be more. I’ve been to where I’ve wanted to go around the US, including a bunch of beautiful hikes in Ouray and Silverton Colorado, living in San Diego I saw a lot of the desert and city views, I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit in Las Vegas, visited the monuments and restored hotels of Washington DC, and vacationed in southern Florida. Next I hope to get to the Pacific Northwest, just need a client to send me out there!

Musically, I consider myself a Kanye enthusiast, with Drake coming to a close second. Don’t be afraid, I also listen to a lot of old vinyl on my Technic 1210 and DJM-400, and M-Audio BX8 monitors. Dating Danae has gotten me into more hipstery rock genre artists, like Bon Iver and others.

Let’s talk business, traveling, tech, BMWs, how amazing Tempest Coffee is…

Or about how amazing the Packers will be with Rodgers back.