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I have found myself working in a variety of positions, but my favorite, and most honed, is entrepreneurial ecommerce. From the grain of sand “Hey, I could sell this online”, all the way to order fulfillment, I’ve been apart of various brands and properties from their inception, and have been brought in farther down the road for redesigns, overhauls, and optimizations.

Ecommerce is my focus, using Magento and WooCommerce, the world’s leading platforms.  Ecommerce is incredibly complex and demanding.  I code, design, and implement marketing strategies to grow your brand and increase sales.  From Google PPC and remarketing, to Facebook Retargeting Campaigns and Business Page Management, all the way to MailChimp emails and promotional banners and marketing.  I guarantee I can find something your company isn’t doing, or doing well.

My next side project is helping my girlfriend and Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Danae increase her awareness using Google’s PPC ads, landing-page and on-site SEO optimization, and retargeting.

I’m pretty busy, my hourly rate lingers around $75 an hour depending on what I’m up to.  I can consult with you and get you in the right direction, but probably not have enough time to do the work myself (unless your project is really freakin’ exciting).  That being said, if you have an exciting project that you can’t wait to share with me, feel free to drop me a line!