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I have found myself working in a variety of positions, but my favorite, and most honed, is entrepreneurial ecommerce. From the grain of sand “Hey, I could sell this online”, all the way to order fulfillment, I’ve been apart of various brands and properties from their inception, and have been brought in farther down the road for redesigns, overhauls, and optimizations.

Magento is my focus, it’s the worlds fastest-growing ecommerce platform, and undeniably the most robust. It’s a very complex and demanding beast, but once tamed, can bring in a ton of sales, convert to your niche or broad market, and continue to grow with a business with modifications, extensions, and design changes.

For now, I’m quite busy with my existing projects and clients, ranging from High Stakes Fantasy Football, Watches, luxury iPhone cases, and my ecommerce development studio, but feel free to drop me a line if you have an idea to bounce, or a website to fix!


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